Kristina model 2 video samples

Kristina model video sample 1
Kristina sample

Download 1 hour Kristina Show 1  here  ( Resolution: 708×576 | File Size: 1176 mb )

Kristina model video sample 2
Kristina sample 2

Download 1 hour Kristina Show 2  here  ( Resolution: 708×576 | File Size: 1180 mb )

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  1. david says:

    what a ass, good for getting up in the morning

  2. bob says:

    WOW!!!!how do i order videos of these girls?

  3. pete says:

    hii nice models

  4. carl jamison says:

    Oh wow!!!! She’s amazing.

  5. Gat says:

    That second video is a good apology for a disappointing April. You’ve hit a jackpot with these. Please find more.

  6. johnny says:

    This is great stuff where do you fine girls like this . made my day ty

  7. paul martin says:

    What an absolute beauty, words can’t describe her sensuality, more videos of Kristina please

  8. bill wright says:

    I liked the video how can i see more

  9. michael says:

    This is really sweet model. Do you have more photos and videos about this model ?

  10. kenneth says:

    she isw the sexyes girl i have seen keep em comeing kristina is one of a kind

  11. douglas owsley says:

    7 and 8 year old girls

  12. casey says:

    were do i buy these videos

  13. Andy Pandy says:

    I feel like the cat that ate the cream! I saw +120 of these vids, and Kristina is not the cutest! Imagine how HOT the others are! ;)

  14. Gat says:

    Andy where did you find them and how? :)

  15. nick says:

    If anyone has any good pictures email me please

  16. matt simpkins says:

    Ayone know how I can see a better sample of this girl?New to site.Thanks

  17. Antoine Riviera says:

    Wow this little girl is almost nude, she is sexier than any young full grown girl, so sexy …

  18. Andy Pandy says:

    Gat.. these vids plus loads of others were available before law got hot on pre-teen exotic pics & vids being banned! Glad I got to enjoy seeing them before the ban! Thanks to the Russian/Ukraine glamour industry, there was millions of pics & 1,000s of vids!

  19. faith duhon says:

    I’m a teen and I love posing. Can I post pics of myself?

  20. PEDRO AFONSO says:


  21. spike says:


  22. spike says:

    Hot look

  23. spike says:


  24. Ricardo Lobito says:

    that little girl is very, very beautiful, is big hot model, is very little the vid, you can give me your hot mail

  25. Twistedties says:

    Too bad I cant get euro disc here Kristina is one of my favs from the series

  26. lovejill22 says:

    how old is kristina at time of vidios

  27. ljun says:


  28. Johnniee says:

    Yum yum would luv to have a long taste of that, she looks like an all day lollipop.

  29. matt says:

    wow…! where can i get more of this pretty lil thing plzzzzzzzzzzz let me kno ASAP…!

  30. mark says:

    this video is awesome, i have never before seen such an amazingly beautiful video of such a model. where can i get more of this video please. i am in love!

  31. Marc says:

    Omg her ass, very sexy girl. I like her so much….

  32. TD says:

    Please send me a link so i can get more. Thanks

  33. tnaSTING says:

    Wow great videos has anyone signed up to Jillian model ? she is so hot as well as Nikki model she is hot im in love with those girls.

  34. akshay says:

    so is there any way someone can send me more of these videos?

  35. tj says:

    Shes my friends daughter, She works out a lot

  36. whitecoat says:

    that is a nice videos and a very good model

  37. daniel says:

    yes she has the best lil ass i ever seen on a 7 yo it is a all day lollipop id do anything to see more vidsof her a 24 hr woody

  38. jen says:

    OMG this is so sexy lol

  39. tj says:

    all it takes is some asto glide, patience, and man shes a woman……….SOOOO GOOOOD

  40. tj says:

    allit took was astro glide, patience, and the best we had soooooo gooooood

  41. jeffrey epp says:

    beautiful girl and i agree shes got a nice ass.

  42. lilgurlzrbest says:

    Sweetest little butt in the world

  43. frankie jones says:

    wow what sexy girl she is love them vids nice ass and not much covering the front bit either

  44. lenny says:

    where are the full videos?

  45. Johnniee says:

    Ok guys stop teasing, money’s very tight right now and can’t afford to buy any vids or model site right now and it sucks. Thanks to sites like this so I can see a little of these super hot sexy little girls

  46. jim says:

    vary nice how can i see more

  47. Johnny Be Bad says:

    ..and all we saw the stars..
    Dante Aligheri

  48. tj says:

    her dad gave me her new vids…………omg everything

    • Sr Gaines says:

      I can’t imagine the beauty in your new vids. Have the utmost desire to see more of Kristina.
      I envy you, and glad you have more of her.

  49. frankie jones says:

    faith you should try and post the pic of sexy body yourself you might be able to

  50. darrell young says:

    have tried to purchase this site for over a month. my card is rejected every time. i even got a new card & it was also rejected

  51. johnathan says:

    Very Cute!!!

  52. jay says:

    gd grl…..sexxxc bod

  53. chatbare says:

    i love that bit around her ass, you can almost see it through her panties. Very nice

  54. steve says:

    my wife role plays as kristina for my pleasure

  55. jeff mcguire says:


  56. Michael says:

    what a sweet little honey.

  57. mrsir says:

    How do we get the full video, anyone know, do we really have to pay 50$ for each 1 hour video? whats up?

  58. Kate says:

    omg so so sexy

  59. Matt says:

    anyone know her age at the tome of the video?

  60. Matt says:

    how old is she?

  61. apple says:

    i have seen her naked on another site. absolutely perfect body.

  62. david says:

    also please shes perfect best of all lil russian models ive seen

  63. jay says:

    i really think u r sexy ive goyt ur pics all over my phone

  64. jorge campos says:

    Download 1 hour Kristina Show 2

  65. Johnniee says:

    This super hot sweet sexy little girl is only 9yrs old and that F-en hot body. I would have to find an online job to work from home because with in my B… I would not leave the house.

  66. DavidF says:

    Has anyone purchased the video? Is it worth the $50?

  67. manuel oliveira says:

    when i see things like that, i feel very exciting.
    i never tasted thoses btf. girls

  68. bostonma says:

    How very nice :)

  69. luis felipe says:


  70. mark says:

    very nice model…

  71. Herbert says:

    This super hot sweet sexy little girl so so sexy beautiful girl

  72. johnny smith says:

    is it wrong to say shes perfect in every way

  73. rtelejr says:

    what an absolute darling .please send more pictures and if there are any vids . Where can I see them . Does any body have some of this doll baby. what a delite to watch .

  74. john says:

    Very sweet

  75. davy says:

    beautiful girl who enjoys showing her great body

  76. Jared says:

    She is scared for life…

  77. kuk says:

    beautiful girl

  78. dialekt says:

    how do i download videos?

  79. garry says:

    WOW.What a doll.Does anyone know where to find her showing it all.

  80. tony says:

    What a little cutie.

  81. Randy says:

    She and Katrina have stolen my heart

  82. Erik says:

    Very hot and sexy little girl.

  83. Ragin Bull says:

    A few years ago a nymphet name Sandra was all the rage on PT sites, now KATRINA is the undisputed princess of PT sights and deserved so.

  84. dave says:


  85. marosevic j says:

    oh yeah!!!!!

  86. Moondoggy says:

    The kid next door looks a lot like her.

  87. rtelejr says:

    where can I get more vids of this sweety

  88. marcel says:

    WOW wat a cutie wish i was young again lol ;) she is a gorgeous little cup cake

  89. Gary says:

    What a gorgeous little pre.. I love to kiss that little muff.

  90. don says:

    hi everyone.they are gorgeous,indeed,mmm.anybody knows where i can get more summary dressed?.kisses to the little

  91. DAVE says:


    • schwartzy says:

      hi dave, do you mean the nnpay site? i have purchased a few vids from them, and never a problem. don’t mean to sound patronizing, but are you sure all your card info is accurate, including your CVV?

  92. liz love says:

    she is good

  93. luke says:

    This is disgraceful why do you want to watch this poor.girl have to reveal herself

  94. blenkinsop says:


  95. Ragin Bull says:

    So delicious

  96. huesitos says:


  97. schwartzy says:

    i think she is total perfect sex, even her feet are gorgeous! ;o)

  98. Gary says:

    Gorgeous little girl, what a body for a child….!

  99. Steve says:

    They don’t get it!… At $50… it’s a once a year Xmas present… at $29 or $19 it could become a monthly deal!

    • schwartzy says:

      hi Steve, this model isn’t making videos any more, so there really wouldn’t be a site with Kristina that you could subscribe to.

  100. Steve says:

    Thank you schwartzy… information is gold… where can you find her ‘archived’ material

  101. Steve says:

    hi schwartzy… don’t mind paying.. if there’s value. Really happy with Sofiya from earlier this year

    • schwartzy says:

      I’m sure you’ll be totally happy with Kristina’s vids, I still feel they are the best non-nude ever, great camera work, they really know where to focus, and the vids are quite high quality.

  102. Gregorio Morales aaron soto says:

    as I do to get the videos of this girl and I would love to see more other videos are so beautiful

  103. steve gaines says:

    This little girl is by far the BEST!!!! I want to see more…where can I go to purchase more ? Stills also..

    • schwartzy says:

      steve, as far as i know she only did 4 videos alone and two with other girls, and i’m not aware that she ever did any stills. a shame since she is super sexy hot!

  104. Fred Stone says:

    She did one video with Nadia (starts out with them throwing a ball back and fourth) so is the other vid with a different girl?
    It’s a shame no stills were shot while the filming took place. Seems like the Daphne vids gets all the attention but IMO, Kristina has no competition, not yet anyway.

    • schwartzy says:

      yes Daphne does get more attention because of her higher number vids like 4 and D52, but i agree, Kristina is by far the best, maybe one day we’ll see higher number vids for her also. I don’t think any of the YVM models did still, unfortunately.

  105. Fred Stone says:

    So far these are my favorite set of screen shots
    out of 363 I grabbed from 3 min of video.
    And the last 3 are just stunning!

    • schwartzy says:

      Fred, if you think that’s good, please do yourself a favor and get the whole hour-long video, you will not be disappointed, i promise you!

  106. Edmo Ulrik says:

    The best site of internet,congratulations Edmo Belo Horizonte Brazil

  107. Marshai Darrington says:

    i love this site

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